There are different types of photography for you to choose from. Some might be slightly different from others. You will have to pick the one that you want to specialize in the future. Think carefully over which one that you do like. Here are some for you to think about:



This mainly focuses on weddings and special events. An amateur photographer who takes these photos is generally clueless. You can learn about this type of photography through books, tutorials and simply by going to events and capturing images. These photos do take time to capture especially if you are slowly taking different facial expressions or eye movements.



If you are someone who likes to capture images of the wild the easier it will be for you. It involves taking pictures of natural landscapes and areas. You will have to be patient and alert in the process of taking images. This is a trait you will either have to develop or even acquire in time to come.



This is mainly done with complete control of the surroundings. There is ample control of the lighting, air as well as the background. You can even take it in portrait style if you want to become a studio photographer. Portrait imagery can become sensual as the focus is the face. Sometimes gestures and facial expressions might be included in the focus too.



Think about the street imagery if you are taking photos of a group of people. Think about the facial expressions like eyes and how people do interact with others around them. It is important that the human traits and habits are taken into consideration.



This is a type or still life imagery where the main focal point is the flowers. They can be taken for medical or even botanical needs. Some might even be placed in advertisements and even retail signs for floral magazines.



This means that the photos are blurred to enhance the appeal of the images. Sometimes light or even other effects can be added to the imagery. The person will stand against a background or layout which is blurred.



The underwater imagery is taken when someone is submerged under the water or when the person is diving or snorkeling. You can capture pictures of animals or even sea beds underground. It might show pictures of the corals and other sea creatures. Remember that you must carefully think about the photography you want to specialize in some might not be easy as you think. Try to take a few classes to figure out what you like first.

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