What you should avoid doing when visiting Sri Lanka

Wherever you visit, no matter who you are, there are ways you should be behaving, things you should be avoiding and things you should be doing. These ways vary from country to country and may be even state to state depending on the culture, tradition and the level of importance given to them.

Unlike in the developed western world, in Asia culture plays a huge role in shaping a country’s identity. And throughout the years there have been practices that have been considered acceptable and those that aren’t. So if you are a foreigner visiting this Island for the first time, you should know that tradition plays a huge role in Sri Lanka. Therefore there are quite a few things you should be thinking twice on whether or not you should be doing them, regardless of the background you come from. Here are some of them.


We all know how Hollywood celebrities and even ordinary people are applauded and awed at for their PDA, but in Sri Lanka you would probably be getting that stink eye! If it is going to keep making people feel uncomfortable you might even be asked to leave the spot. So if you don’t want to go through that embarrassment remember NO PDA.

However that doesn’t mean the locals don’t show their love to their partner in public places. They certainly do, but they do it the Sri Lankan way which quite honestly is still capable of making others uncomfortable and mischievous because the powerful tool of love and the Sri Lankan way of PDA is under an umbrella (Who says you canonly use it for the sun and rain!)!

Dressing too much

Sri Lanka is a tropical country where there is a lot of sun and rain and especially if you are in the metropolitan city on one of the Colombo guided tours remember the heat is no joke during the Summer months! So if you are thinking of rocking a hoodie or a leather jacket with a shirt on the inside or a trench coat, you might want to think again because all those outfits are going to make you feel stuffy and stink of sweat at the end of the day.

It is always best that whatever you choose to wear is thin and loose. However if you want to rock that cool sweater you bought online or that beanie with a heart on the side, then you can plan your next trip to the hill country which is in the middle part of the Island!

Doing rice and curry the wrong way

The tradition in Sri Lanka is such that almost all foods are eaten with your hands, especially the traditional Sri Lankan food which is rice and curry. So if you want to experience Sri Lanka the right way, start by eating your rice with your hands. But remember not to get any on your palm and just use your fingers only!

Be respectful no matter what you do and avoid showing too much skin. This way you can blend in to the Island and its traditions in ease!


Image: Temple

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